Trollbloods. the beginning of something tough

recently (I say recently but I started lest December) I started branching out of my comfortable little bubble of warhammer 40000 into the big scary world of Warmachine Hordes, the miniatures wargame by privateer press.

After a brief flirtation with the armoured might of Khador I decided that the motherland was not for me and picked up everybody favourite kilt wearing ale swilling bundles of fun the Trollbloods.



image taken for Privateer Press website

so why trolls.

well first of they have some really really cool looking models, Thier Warbeasts all look really primal and powerful which is something that appeals to me and their units are all full of character.

the story of the trolls is one of a war ravaged people of far scattered family’s and tribes, who must bind together for survival against the myriad of nasties in the warmachine and hordes universe. and that is something that Realy comes across in the way the miniatures are modeled. just as an example one of the Trollbloods most common units, the Kriel stone is literally a tribes entire family history engraved in stone that these giant (7 feet tall on average)Trolkin heft with them even into the battle field.

I also chose trolls because they are arguably the toughest faction in the game, and my choice of words their is no accident,besides the various armour buffs that the trolls can produce each and every model in the faction has a rule called tough, that means that if they die, on the roll of a 5 or a 6 (there are no saving throws as standard in this game) they just get knocked down instead, meaning they can stand back up next turn and fight on.

I could talk at length about the various reasons why I like the trolls but frankly that doesn’t make for interesting reading. instead i will get to the point.

over these past few months I have been steadily collecting and painting models, and now at long last I am able to start playing some proper games. so over the following few posts i will start discussing how I find playing games with these delightful buggers and how i plan to expand the collection in the future

keep it cool

Orky Dave.


Hello World

A friend once told me that Bloging, is a lot like Pringles, once you pop you just cant stop, and it becomes incredibly addictive.

As someone who has been in the Wargaming hobby for now nearly 12 years I think I’m quite familiar with the idea of incredibly addictive past times, so hell why not just add one more to the list!

and hence we have this Blog.

Once I figure out how to work word press properly I intend to have a few category on hear for various topics I want to cover in this Blog. There will be the ever main-stream and reliable Warhammer 40,000, focusing mostly but not exclusively on my beloved green skins that earned me my nickname of Orky Dave. there will also be a section dedicated to my new passion that is Warmachine and Hordes, where I will discus my slowly growing collection of Trollbloods, and my tentative steps into the organised play and tournament circuits.

I will also be dedicating a section to my favourite part of the hobby (and the most universal) modelling and painting. This area will focus on my attempts to transform my dull plastic models into beautiful works of art that please the eye (or as close as i can get them). I will also try and follow a major undertaking i have just begun, making my own wargaming table, (so I don’t even have to leave the house to lay with my toy soldiers, wont that be nice).


so that’s all the things I plan on doing with this Blog, plus the awkward first post out of the way.

now Im going to go tinker with this WordPress thing and see whether I cant make my page look cool.

Keep it cool

Orky Dave